Our evolving story

After operating under the company name North Supply for 30 years, and originally providing your business with Music On Hold and Telephone voice files, we have changed. Enter stage left, the new name Business Music & Voice, exit stage right the old name North Supply!

Business Music & Voice is now open!

We are equipped, experienced and passionate about providing your organisation with modern and creative music & voice soundtracks for an ever expanding range of business communications needs.

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What is your next project?

Soundless businesses are a thing of the past!

With so many customer touch-points, we've expanded to create music & voice files for E-learning commentary, TV Commercials, Radio Ads, Web Sites, Narrations, Pod Casts, Audio White papers, Jingles... and so on. We are of course still happy to produce any number of Telephone Voice Menus and promos.

What do you need?

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Smart Devices need
Smart Content

In our daily lives whether it be leisure, learning or labour we are exposed to literally thousands of noisy impressions. We believe the smart thing is to create the music & voice content in a way that helps the listener take it in.

Smart music & voice...
that's what we do.

Here are some files we've created.

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E-Learning voice files. Clear and professional.

Let us help you educate and inform your organisations stakeholders by providing clear and professional, high quality files with an efficient turnaround for your next project.

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Custom Music Production. Hear for yourself.

We will provide your Business with music that will represent who you are. The music is yours to keep and use as you require.

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Pod Casts. Your Business on the go.

Pod Casts of all types are used to help provide a media on demand service so your organisations stakeholders can hear what you have to say, at a time that suits them.

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Video Sound Tracks. Who wants a silent movie!

We will provide your Business with music & voice files that will be the perfect soundtrack for your next video project. So much of the success of a video is owed to the power and creativity of the music & voice that accompanies it.

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Our evolving story [cont'd].

Hailing from 30 plus years of service and a backing of strong family loyalty, we now bring you musicandvoice.com.au

It all started way back in 1984, right when Tina Turner had her number-one hit, our late founder and globe-trotting trumpet-blowing-jazz-wizard Les Crosby spotted the opening of a new trend for Australian businesses, Radio on hold.

Yep, there he was in SanFran visiting clients and what do you know… wham bam, "What's Love Got to Do with It" was belting down the phone line during one of his business telephone calls.

He tapped his toes, clicked his fingers, Lol!! How many times might you have heard this story?

So there it is North Supply Communications started with Veriphone Terminals & Radio On Hold. He supplied thousands of radios to thousands of businesses, "truckloads" he used to say! Ten years in to it, Les remarried, and recruited his new wife Jennifer. They moved premises, built an In-house studio, located voice talent and introduced Customised On Hold Promos to the market. Then the laws changed. Telstra got cranky with having been taken to court by musos wanting more money for the gazillions of people hearing them on hold. Businesses now needed a Licence to play music on hold.

So what did Les do? Produced his own music of course!

Les also introduced new products, Point of Purchase audio units and background music systems. Massive IVR scripts became the norm and were recorded for big brands. We even recorded animals and birds so our biggest zoo could play them when you walked past the enclosures. We developed a wholesale channel for the Music On Hold product range. Business was blooming and booming!

A few years later comes the internet with Digital downloads, File transfer Protocols a financial crisis. Even Jenny's daughter, Gabi, arrived back from overseas to get on board the family business at a very dynamic time yet fun time.

The company has journeyed through the trials of splitting North Supply into smaller business units known as musiconhold.com.au, nsmedia.com.au, Southsupply, mymoh.net, opening offices interstate, dealing with family as management, business cycles, overseas supplier typhoons, clients going broke, clients growing so quickly they needed more &more &more, product successes and product flops, you name it we have experienced it.

Les died in 2011 leaving Jenny and Gabi with a great legacy and a wonderful company to enjoy working together in, to grow and to continually provide the customer service, a feature of North Supply that continues to be the focus for the newly launched Business Music & Voice.

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